Tennessee Mills
Tennessee Mills

Stabat Mater by Louis LeMesurier

Stabat Mater by Louis LeMesurier Performed by USC Concert Choir, conducted by Cristian Grases Instrumentation: SATB choir and string quartet Text: Stabat mater dolorosa juxta Crucem lacrimosa dum pendebat Filius Translation: Stood the mother mourning By the cross, weeping Faithful to the last

He looked at her as if she were crazy;
She looked at him as if to confirm it.

Distinguished is not he who fools the foolish.

Light is darkness obscuring itself.

Sonnet no. 3

Her eyes came sweeter than a star’s white milk,
Infused with gentle breeze, and drunk by night;
Her words, bewitching soldier’s blood to silk,
Were chosen like a friend by firelight.
Her youth could not be spent, and so remains,
Beneath the wisdom lifting up her smile;
Her dreams evolve like peaking, nervous waves,
Compelling cliffs to fall to sandy miles.
But now, her acts have borne her far away,
Too high for any turning phrase to fly —
Where monstrous suns would fail to pull her home
Her dreams reach me but softly, like a spray,
My skin no longer glows beneath her eyes,
But I have briefly held a soul which roams.

Louis LeMesurier
July 2015